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Download Roy Kim & Jung Joon Young, Celeb bros EP1 "Train To Mokpo" Video

Roy Kim & Jung Joon Young, Celeb bros EP1

Roy Kim & Jung Joon Young, Celeb bros EP1 "Train To Mokpo"

YouTube : www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2eoepUzl2M
Durasi : 11:31
Suka : 4328 Orang
Benci : 49 Orang
Dilihat : 403340 Orang
Oleh : MBig Tv
Diupload : 2016-08-09 22:00:01
Roy Kim & JoonYoung Jung, Celeb bros EP1 "Train To Mokpo" We'll watch K-pop sensitive vocal 'Roy Kim' & K-pop rock vocal and '1 Night 2 days' member, Joon Young Jung's private hangout! Whenever they meet, they never stop laughing...! Roy Kim! Despite of his parents' disapproval, he became friends with Joon Young Jung? Why did Joon Young Jung ditched Eddie Kim and goes on a trip with Roy Kim?! The besties hangout program [Celeb bros]! Make sure to watch [Celeb bros.] on NaverCast every Tuesday night!
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