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Megan | Breast Cancer Survivor

Megan | Breast Cancer Survivor

YouTube : www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtN7GHucAyk
Durasi : 9:3
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Oleh : BarbellsforBoobs
Diupload : 2017-03-03 14:33:01
At the age of 26, Megan found a lump in her breast through a self breast exam. She went to the doctor to get it checked but they continuously told her she had nothing to worry about. After a couple months and several doctor visits later, Megan learned that she had breast cancer. "I wasn't aware that there were women being turned away from treatment. It wasn't something I ever knew existed." - Megan Adams Megan has now been cancer free for 10 years. We celebrate her life and story!
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